Adult Ministries

United Society of Friends Women (U.S.F.W.)

The U.S.F.W. is made up of our local White Lick/Mooresville United Society of Friends women, providing them the opportunity to unite with all Friends women in Christian fellowship and serve at home as well as internationally.

White Lick holds the distinction of organizing the first Foreign Women’s Missionary Society among Friends. The first meeting was held in March of 1881 in the home of Rebecca Macy. Jemima Taylor in a letter to Eliza Armstrong Cox confirmed Eliza’s beautiful vision to form the Missionary Society among Friends Women. After White Lick’s actions, Hopewell and other local societies were formed. At the September 1881 Western Yearly Meeting session approval was given for the Women’s Missionary Societies to become a part of the work of Western Yearly Meeting. Over the years at White Lick the Women’s Foreign Missionary Union, Ladies Aid Society, Temperance and Suffrage groups had by the 1950’s come together under one umbrella known as the U.S.F.W. which eventually grew into the international organization United Society of Friends Women International (U.S.F.W.I.).

Membership is open to all women who share an interest in the goals and work of U.S.F.W.I. Our focus is in Prayer, Peace, Christian Social Relations, Nurturing Missionary Spirit, promoting Missionary Education at home and abroad, Stimulate Spiritual Growth and Development and Cultivate Christian Stewardship.

Locally our members participate in reading books from the U.S.F.W.I. reading list each year. Women are encouraged to read their Bibles and pray. Our church is very fortunate to have an excellent library offering a large variety of reading materials from which to choose. Women are urged to stay informed about Friends missions through the Advocate, our Friends Quaker Life magazine, which is a Friends United Meeting publication, attending local meetings and the spring and fall U.S.F.W. conferences.

Apple Butter

Early each September, the U.S.F.W. and other members of the church (including the men!) come together to prepare for Mooresville Friends’ annual batch of apple butter. This delicious spread is based on an old Dutch Quaker (secret!) recipe. Apple butter sales help to support yearly mission giving.

Sewing Group

All are welcome to come to learn, contribute and teach us as we grow in our knowledge and continue to support our various mission and individual efforts. We would love to have you join us!  We presently meet on Wednesday’s from 9 – 2 with lunch on your own.  While we are primarily quilters doing machine piecing, this time is open for anyone working with crafts or needlework.