Stewardship and Missions


Christian stewardship is the practice of regular and proportionate giving of time, abilities and material possessions based on the conviction that these are a trust from God, to be used in His service in grateful acknowledgment of Christ’s redeeming love. The New Testament teaches that giving should be regular and proportionate (I Corinthians 16:2). Mooresville Friends Church encourages all who join with us for fellowship and worship to be regular in their financial support of the church and its ministries as they are able and led to give. We further encourage individuals in the sharing of their time and talents in the ministries of the church.


The terms outreach and missions are often used interchangeably.  Through our budget plus the mission giving of individuals, the Mooresville Friends Church supports a number of local, national, and international missions. Specific oversight and coordination of our mission work is given by our Christian Ministries and Evangelism Committee.

As a member of the Western Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (WYM) and Friends United Meeting (FUM), we dedicate a portion of our budget to support the missions of those organizations. We also select specific missions our local congregation supports through donations given outside our annual budget. These non-budget donations are divided according to the percentages agreed upon at an annual meeting.

Currently, Mooresville Friends Church supports these missions/missionaries and others through our designated and undesignated mission giving.

Churches In Mission (CIM) – a food & clothing pantry serving Morgan County which also provides classes and services designed to move individuals from poverty to productivity.

Weekday Religious Education of Morgan County (WRE) – On Fridays during the school year we host the 3rd & 4th grade students from Newby Elementary who participate in WRE.

Bob and Hope Carter / Serving In Mission (SIM) – Bob (a medical doctor) and Hope (a Nurse Practitioner) serve as medical missionaries in Kenya through SIM International.

WYM Outreach Project – A project of Western Yearly Meeting that changes each year

Associated Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs (ACFIA) – The Kickapoo Indian Center in McCloud, Oklahoma, receives a percentage of our mission giving funds quarterly.