SPICES – Quaker Testimonies (what we stand for)

Many people recognize the Quaker testimonies as S. P. I. C. E. S. – Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship of the earth.

Simplicity: Going to the heart of the matter; to look beyond the outward to the inward.

Peace: Renouncing war and violence, and nurturing love and respect for others.

Integrity; Being authentic and consistent, letting your live speak in truth, both in word and action.

Community: Drawing wisdom from a gathered community, being nurtured and nurturing others.

Equality: Finding ‘that of God’ in every person, and God’s Spirit made known through each one.

Stewardship: Taking all that we’re given and caring for it wisely; saving, sharing, and conserving.