Every member is encouraged to serve in some capacity. Here are some of the ways people can help accomplish the goals of the meeting.

United Society of Friends Women (U.S.F.W.)

We take a very active role in supporting Friends Missionary Funds and Projects chosen each year by United Society of Friends Women International (U.S.F.W.I.), while also addressing local community needs and those of our own church.  Our local group is a part of the Midwest Region USFW, a combined group from Western Yearly Meeting and Indiana Yearly Meeting. Funding is obtained by the local group through the annual sale of homemade Apple Butter – made using a closely guarded recipe.

Greeter & Hosts

Members and non-members are encouraged to meet and greet each other before and after Sunday morning worship.

Music Ministries

Opportunities exist to participate through work with the piano, organ, and Bell Choir as well as leading song service and performance of solos, duets, and small ensembles.

Sound & Video Technicians

The sound and video technicians operate the sound and video projection equipment in the sanctuary during worship and special events. They coordinate with the pastor and others presenting during worship to determine and monitor the needs for microphones, video projection and monitor speakers.

Prayer Support

Individuals are encouraged to call or email the church office when they need prayer for themselves,  family members and friends.   By leaving a short message, the office can be sure the proper support persons are contacted.

Office Support

Individuals can assist with office functions such as newsletter, bulletins, publicity, website, and special projects.


There is plenty of opportunity for individuals to develop educational programs as membership increases!  Education has always been an emphasis of Quakers and we welcome those who are dedicated and willing to do that ministry.  While we do not currently have active children or youth groups, we hope that changes!  Our “Sunday School” was discontinued during covid and we have not had sufficient interest to restart regular classes.  Instead, we meet in prayer during that 9:30-10:00 AM period on Sunday mornings.

Serving on a committee

There are three primary committees that function within the meeting:  Christian Ministries and Evangelism, Property Trustees, and Finance.  Some of these committees have sub-committees and all can create task groups. Membership is required for appointment to a committee.   There are opportunities for non-members to work on projects supported by those committees through their task groups..