Stan Banker and Worth Hartman are acting as Interim Pastor and Primary Supply Pastor.  To reach either of them, contact the church office.

Office Coordinator
The current coordinator is Laura Brown.  She is the primary contact for Friendship House rentals and provides other support.  Office hours are by appointment.

Presiding Clerk
It is the duty of the Presiding Clerk to see that the business is properly presented to the congregation for its consideration during the monthly meeting for business, to announce decisions when made, and to sign documents on behalf of the congregation.  John Heshelman is the current Presiding Clerk.

Monthly Meeting
Once a month Mooresville Friends Church conducts Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, commonly known as Monthly Meeting. Usually held in the church sanctuary on the fourth Sunday of the month, this business meeting is open to all members and is preceded by a Fellowship Meal in the Quaker Friendship House. Anyone who attends worship is invited to participate in the Fellowship Meal prior to the business meeting.

Monthly Meeting is the administrative body of the church and has authority to act upon most matters. It gives oversight to the church and its membership, holds and administers real estate and other property for the use of the meeting, and approves and carries out measures for the improvement of both physical and spiritual interests of the congregation. Monthly Meeting receives, reviews, and acts upon reports and requests from the pastor, the church treasurer, and all of the standing committees each month.

More Leadership
Mooresville Friends Church is thankful for the services of all its dedicated committees and subcommittees: Christian Education, Christian Ministries & Evangelism, Property Trustees, Outreach, and Finance.